Wild Immersion is a purpose driven company which has created the world’s first virtual nature reserve with the support of The Jane Goodall Institute.

Our mission is to connect people to nature so they can « re » discover its magic and come to protect wild life.

WI virtual reality headsets teleport you across the globe to observe animals in their natural habitat, as if you were really there with them.

We believe in joy and enthusiasm to save biodiversity and the future of humanity. We will be in every major town soon and will teleport millions of people into nature. Then we will buy lands to create bigger spaces for animals to live in harmony with local populations… We finance real reserves with the help of our virtual ones. We already have opened VR theaters in more than 10 countries (France, Switzerland, Belgium, Finland, Korea, USA, Monaco…) and are negotiating with many others.

If you are interested in this challenge, contact us, we will be delighted to explain you how you can join the adventure!